Sim Cut from Virtual Scalpel, Inc.

Virtual Scalpel - Ambra Solution PartnerObtain exceptional image segmentation with massively parallel computing

The Sim Cut makes interactive graph cut segmentation a clinical reality. The graph cut has been shown to provide exceptional quality for image segmentation but prior implementations are time consuming. The Sim Cut dramatically improves the computation time for the graph cut using patented high-performance computing technology.


Exceptional Quality Image Segmentation.

The interactive graph cut is an optimal method for image segmentation that is guided by marks placed on the image by the user.

Processing of Full-Resolution Computed Tomography.

The computation can be applied to all 3D multi-detector computed tomography.

30 Second Computation Time.

Computations are performed on cloud-based high-performance computing clusters that dramatically reduce computation time.

Virtual Scalpel

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Sim Cut from Virtual Scalpel, Inc. is important advance in clinical image segmentation. The product offers graph cut segmentation with acceptable computation times. The Sim Cut is based on a patented technology that allows for massively parallel computation of the graph cut. Applications to diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy planning and cardiac imaging will be available for investigational use in Q4’17.