Unified Health Cloud Platform from OrbCare

Unified Health Cloud Platform from OrbCare - Ambra Solution Directory PartnerOur scalable cloud platform provides universal worklist, practice management, RIS, CVIS, revenue cycle management, real-time and predictive analytics.

Our multi-tenant, multi-site solution uses single sign-on and workflow optimization to drive deployment, clinical and administrative efficiencies. This architecture ensures data and reporting compliance while minimizing operational costs.


Universal Worklist - OrbCare

Universal Worklist

Ensure fastest turnaround times and compliance to contracted SLAs. Universal worklist provides a single view containing a prioritized worklist, an embedded study-driven third-party viewer, and relevant clinical reports.

RIS and CVIS Systems - OrbCare

RIS and CVIS Systems

An intuitive visual representational overview of study status, pre-authorization status, performance reporting, automated document management and structured reporting.

Practice Management - OrbCare

Practice Management

Features include dashboard and performance indicators, online scheduling, referral management and notifications, revenue cycle management, e-orders, e-results.

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Complement Ambra’s solution with practice management, RIS, CVIS, universal worklist and revenue cycle management from Orbcare. It’s a powerful, secure system that handles administration tasks, patient/client care, referral management, documentation, test/lab reports, and so much more.

  • Deploy OrbCare in its entirety, or select specific features to integrate within your existing technology ecosystem. With OrbCare’s platform flexibility, the choice is yours
  • Cloud-based, multi-tenant, multi-site solution maximizes clinical, administration, deployment, data and reporting compliance efficiency
  • Single sign on and automation drive a broad range of clinical and administrative efficiencies
  • Eliminates multi-vendor expenses, complexities, and inefficiencies
  • MU3 and MACRA compliance
  • Referral management
  • Reduced startup costs compared to traditional deployments
  • Use DICOM structured reporting to reduce data reentry