White Paper:

Advancing Radiology Operations

Your Guide to Measuring, Improving, and Elevating Radiology Operational Performance

Whitepaper: Advancing Radiology OperationsIn the ever-changing healthcare landscape, radiologists are no longer just the doctor’s doctor; they’re being tasked with new patient demands along with reducing costs and redundancy wherever possible.

Large health systems, imaging centers, and subspecialty practices are all facing challenges around reimbursement, and in turn looking to better manage radiology utilization and their own fixed costs. Adding value to healthcare delivery means that radiology leaders need to provide timely and efficient turnaround, track performance, and monitor follow-up.

And with increasing consumer awareness and patient desire for open access to their medical records, radiology departments who rely on-premise PACS, CDs, and film libraries are becoming a thing of the past. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore the implications of the changing radiology landscape, how MACRA effects those operations, what metrics deliver best-in-class operations, and how new technology is improving workflows and image management.

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  • Key Factors Changing the Radiology Landscape
  • Who are the Stakeholders in the Radiology Value Chain
  • MACRA’s Impact on  Day-to-Day Operations
  • Six Measures of Radiology Operational Performance
  • How New Technology is Streamlining Radiology Departments and Practice’s Operations
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