Executive Brief:

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Medical Imaging

Three Techniques to Tap into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning — from Radiology to Cardiology.

Ambra Applying Artificial Intelligence to Medical ImagingArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s are becoming more widely adopted in the world of healthcare as strategies to cut-down on physician burnout and improve patient care.

This executive brief is designed to help healthcare organizations like yours that are considering integrating intelligence into their medical imaging systems and workflows to improve processes. 

Informed with research from HIMSS and the Advisory Board as well as including real-world examples from innovators such as Blackford Analysis, DiACardio, and Realize AI, this executive brief is a must read.

From the insights of this brief you will learn:

  • Where to start when enabling your imaging stack for AI
  • Why imaging is continually being upgraded and its hidden drivers
  • What other innovations in imaging have led us here
  • How to apply artificial intelligence to imaging
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