Your Essential Guide to Image Management & the Cloud

Evaluating SaaS vs. Hybrid Cloud, Deconstructed PACS, and More

Cloud Informatics Ambra HealthA seismic shift is underway in healthcare technology. The cloud has come to healthcare and organizations are already seeing significant benefits, with increased agility as they instantly share and receive patient data and diagnostic imaging.

As you evaluate your organization’s path to the cloud, you will need to consider deployment options such as hybrid cloud versus multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as the architecture of your image management stack— from a full-fledged cloud PACS to a deconstructed PACS with cloud VNA and a zero-footprint HTML 5 Viewer.

The cloud offers the opportunity to reduce redundant imaging exams due to lost or missing data and lower operational costs of running expensive on-premise systems. And better yet,  the cloud opens up new avenues for growth, from increased patient satisfaction to increasing inbound referrals

In this eBook, Ambra outlines different types of cloud deployments, the benefits of each, security features to look out for, TCO benefits and how to decide the best migration path for your organization.

Download it today and learn:

  • The different kinds of clouds
  • What the benefits of the cloud are
  • Key security features to look for
  • How the cloud applies to imaging
  • How to understand new imaging stack applications like deconstructed PACS, cloud PACS, and cloud VNA
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