Painful Image Uploads? Can’t Share Them?
You May Have Silo Syndrome

Know the signs. Learn how to take action

eBook: Silo SyndromeAre image uploads so slow and painful?  Are multiple logins required to access imaging and patient records ? Does the thought of sharing images with another facility make you sweat?  Then you might have silo syndrome.

In a healthcare organization suffering from silo syndrome, each medical imaging system interacts primarily within that “silo” and cannot communicate with other information systems, and other locations. It blocks organizations from effectively distributing and data across the network, and drains physician and administrative productivity.

In this guide, you’ll find out what the impact of silos can mean to your organization, and how to take action using the latest best practices and technologies, from cloud computing, to streamlined image acquisition, to image enabled EHRs and more.


  • The silos that are impacting your organization
  • How to eliminate EHR and image management silos
  • Strategies to connect and integrate image management across facilities
  • The value of a universal diagnostic viewer to get everyone on the same page
  • Why the cloud provides a platform to unify, share, and store images
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