The Future of Enterprise Imaging is in the Cloud

New White Paper from Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper: The Future of Enterprise Imaging is in the CloudDue to ongoing reimbursement reductions and growing pressures to become more cost-efficient and patient-centered, health systems are being tasked to find new ways to maintain profitability while transitioning into value-based care. Enterprise image management has emerged as a solution to the limits posed by the siloed approach of medical imaging informatics.

This white paper provides a view into the forces driving change in medical imaging, justification for enterprise image management strategies, and case study illustrations of the impact that cloud-based solutions have had.

In this new white paper by Frost & Sullivan, The Future of Enterprise Imaging is in the Cloud, we include insights on:

  • Benefits of cloud-image management
  • Case studies from Memorial Hermann and Jefferson Radiology
  • Forces driving change in medical imaging
  • The state of the industry
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