Getting Your Head in the Cloud

How Neurology and Neurosurgery Practices Can Benefit from Cloud Image Management

Ambra Health Neuro eBookDemand has grown for neurology and neurosurgery services in the United States as the baby boomer population continues to age. Non-hospital facilities see an outpatient shift as technological advances with minimally invasive techniques are encouraged by reimbursement trends.

Neuroscience is a particularly image-intensive field often requiring advanced imaging like MR to make a critical diagnosis. One way to reduce costs and improve patient care in neurosurgery and neurology is to turn towards cloud technology that can provide access to imaging and patient records.

Simplified access to medical imaging through the cloud reduces duplicate imaging procedures, cuts costs for both facility and patient alike while improving access to rapid care.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how leading facilities like Barrow Neurological Center and Memorial Hermann Health System have used the cloud to,

  • Focus on patients’ imaging – not just their CDs
  • Exchange, share, and collaborate with fellow physicians
  • Establish innovative new revenue streams like telestroke mobile vans and second opinion platforms
  • And improve patient care!
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