A Guide to Cloud Imaging in the Enterprise

Find out how to use cloud image management to focus on outcomes and collaboration

New World of ImagingIn the new world of image management, healthcare providers are on the march to the cloud, and there’s never been a better time.

New reform rules promote the limiting of medical procedures and tests unless very necessary, which can cause healthcare organizations to take on more risks. Teamwork between providers and coordination among various points from imaging centers, primary care physicians, and hospital surgical units is more critical than ever. Missing medical images that often leads to unnecessary rescans (an up to 60% occurrence in trauma units alone) is no longer acceptable. Medical imaging must be available in real-time.

The future of an interoperable medical imaging landscape lies in the Cloud. The Cloud allows for rapid and efficient exchange among care providers, enhanced workflows that automate routing, scalable vendor neutral archiving capabilities, mobile viewing capabilities from anywhere and anytime, and seamless access to imaging data within EMR and RIS systems.

Download our new eBook to that provides a blueprint to using the cloud at your organization to enhance image management workflows, reduce storage risk, integrate and share imaging across facilities and locations, and improve overall patient care and satisfaction.

You will learn:

  • Why using the cloud improves interoperability
  • How cloud can help with mobile anytime, anywhere image viewing
  • Cost benefits of using cloud versus on-premise
  • The value of using cloud as your image archive
  • Key considerations for making the move
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