Bringing Ease of Movement to Medical Imaging

Cloud PACS Heals Fractured Image Management Processes for Orthopedics.

Medical imaging for orthopedicsYou should be focusing on your patients’ ligaments or spine – not their CDS. However, in the imaging heavy world of orthopedics and sports medicine, CDs are still the primary method of exchanging and viewing patient imaging.

As the demand for orthopedic and sports medicine services increases and storage of imaging is limited by VPN access, the responsibility of scaling to meet patients’ growing needs and an ever-expanding referral network falls upon the practice.

Utilizing the cloud, orthopedic and sports medicine practices can optimize their image exchange, storage, and viewing processes while remaining profitable and most importantly, secure.

In this eBook featuring use cases from leading providers like New England Baptist Health, you’ll learn how the cloud can help your practice to:

  • Get rid of CDs
  • Receive & share imaging with other physicians and facilities
  • And establish scalable storage & a secure disaster recovery plan!
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