What Does the Future Hold for Medical Image Management

Executive Insights: Mayo Clinic and Stanford Children’s Health

Exec. Brief - What does the Future hold for Medical Image ManagementThe future of medical image management holds both challenges and opportunities, driven by the 4 C’s of healthcare: Cost, Consumerization, Consolidation, and Cloud.  On the technology front, the cloud is transforming systems, with 83% of healthcare executives using, or planning to adopt. It creates new opportunities for providers to be more efficient, more mobile, and more connected than ever.

Read this new Executive Brief from Ambra Health and hear perspectives from a recent online event featuring Dr. Jeremy Friese, an Interventional Radiologist at the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Safwan Halabi, Medical Director, Radiology Informatics at Stanford Children’s Health. You will discover strategies to minimize risk and maximize opportunity centered around medical image management.

The brief features why image management is at the center of tectonic shifts in healthcare, from being impacted by new regulations, to market consolidation, to powerful new disruptive technologies like the cloud and mobile viewing tools, and identifies four critical areas for improvement:

  • Quelling redundant imaging
  • The need for greater image sharing
  • A shift to more efficient, value-based care
  • Challenges around health care consolidation

This Executive Brief includes Insights from:

Jeremy Friese, Mayo ClinicDr. Jeremy Friese, Mayo Clinic
Dr. Jeremy Friese is an interventional radiologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His clinical and research focus includes minimally invasive vascular disease and cancer. He has served as Medical Director for New Ventures and Business Development in the Center for Individualized Medicine and as Associate Chair of Finance in the Department of Radiology.

Safwan Halabi, Stanford Children's HealthDr. Safwan Halabi, Stanford Children’s Health
Dr. Safwan Halabi is the Medical Director of Radiology Informatics at Stanford Children’s Health. His clinical focus includes radiology, medical informatics, fetal imaging and pediatric imaging.

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