3 Things to Expect at SIIM 2019

Meet Ambra Health at SIIM19The theme of SIIM 2019 is to explore, empower, and engage. These trends will come to life across the many events of the week including hackathons, meet-ups, panels, and more!


Exploring new ways of utilizing imaging data will be a conversation at many booths. Leading facilities are looking at creative ways to take ownership of their data and apply it towards new and exciting projects involving research, AI, and machine learning.  However, for imaging data to be used for innovation, it must first be easily accessible which remains a challenge for facilities. Many of the panel sessions at SIIM will focus on solutions for process improvements across enterprise systems. The panel session, The Shift from Many PACS to One, asks thought leaders to share their solutions for imaging consolidation.

Providing a single point of access for imaging data ensures improved continuity of care, reduced errors, and less system maintenance for informatics staff as well. The panel will discuss how organizations can examine vendor solutions, determine their own needs and ideal workflow, and discuss complex issues like data migration.


Empowering facilities with the tools to enable rapid image exchange, storage, and accessibility are always core discussion points on the SIIM show floor. But what about empowering one another? RADxx, an organization dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion in radiology and informatics, recently launched a Speakers Bureau.

The steering committee was inspired to create a list of quality speakers after noting a lack of women speakers at events across healthcare. One study, Trends in the Proportion of Female Speakers at Medical Conferences in the United States and in Canada, 2007 to 2017, highlights that while the number of female speakers is on the rise, only about one-third of all speakers at medical conferences today are women. The goal of the new RADxx speakers bureau, curated by the committee, is to promote more diversity in meeting and conference agendas.

“Diverse representation in radiology is critical to effectively addressing the needs of our diverse patient population. Organizations should be thinking about this as they craft their agendas and panels,” said Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, Chief Strategy, and Contracting Officer, Weill Cornell Medicine Physician Organization.

All are welcome to a networking event with the group at SIIM on Wed, June 26 from 7-9pm.


Empowerment and engagement are critical discussions when it comes to patients. More than ever, patients are ready and willing to engage with radiology. Our study found that 80% of respondents said they would like to have access to their imaging alongside their test results. A huge impediment to imaging access for patients is that medical records are still often transferred on CDs. A recent study, Evaluation of the Patient Request Process for Radiology Imaging in U.S. Hospitals found that out of 80 top US hospitals only (8%) hospitals provided imaging studies via e-mail and three (4%) via an online patient portal. Imagine being a patient with a broken bone needing to coordinate a ride to the hospital, have a friend or family member wait for them, and make their way to the records department just to pick up a CD.

That’s why #DitchTheDisk will be a huge focus at SIIM as imaging leaders meet together to develop solutions to improve interoperability and provide patients with access to data.

If you’d like to learn about Ambra Health and our cloud image management solutions including the patient portal, stop by booth 507. We can share strategies on how you can streamline your image management.

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