A Day in the Life of Ambra Health Support

A recent interview between Rebecca Schankerman, Ambra Health Field Marketing Coordinator, and Melissa Lam, Ambra Health Consultant, about working on Ambra’s support team.

Rebecca: How long have you worked at Ambra?

Melissa: I have worked here since July of 2016, so just around 3.5 years. I started out as an analyst, and part of the analyst training program is doing customer support for a full year. The reason we do that is to become product experts and hands-on support is the best way to learn. Over that year, I helped with deployments and then naturally my position progressed to become a consultant which leans more into working with new customer deployments while still assisting with support. Now, in my third year, I’m helping to manage some of the new Analyst team, and my role has come full circle as I’m engaging with support calls through them, yet still managing and dealing with more advanced deployments. 

Rebecca: What is a day in the life like?

Melissa: I still work on deployments, but I am currently also a manager. This role has allowed for lots of multi-tasking, whether it be helping the analysts and fielding their questions, or working through a deployment. In the morning, I usually come in and answer my emails and make sure to leave time open so that the analysts can ask me questions, and I can make sure they are good to go for the day. At Ambra, we have two professional services hubs, one in New York and one in Denver. The New York analysts cover 8:30 am-5 pm EST and then our Denver office covers 11 am-7:30 pm EST. In the morning, we typically have a high volume of support calls coming in for analysts, and we address the issues that came in overnight. With being a consultant, I have a decent amount of external calls; a lot of my customers are from the midwest and Arizona region, so 11 am EST is when their days get started. I check in with them as a project manager to make sure they are meeting goal deadlines with Ambra. The afternoon is set for working on configurations and building out accounts. 

Rebecca: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Melissa: Multi-tasking and wearing so many hats! It is very rewarding to wear a lot of hats and be a well-rounded employee in that sense but a lot of energy goes into managing analysts while also being a project manager. Another challenge is that Ambra has a diverse range of customers with a very diverse range of needs, and when you work on the professional services team, you become an expert in a multitude of different things. Learning all of those different things can be a challenge. Ambra’s platform is very configurable so that is part of the challenge – because of how flexible we are, we are always looking to make the customers happy, but it means that professional services is working with the product and engineering team to ensure we can handle a customer’s workload. It also means we are always checking to see how to better our features or create new features to keep customers happy.

Rebecca: What is the most rewarding?

Melissa: This is a tough question because there are so many rewarding things in this role. A lot of the rewarding parts come as a result of all of the challenges. Ambra is so configurable, but there are so many ways to optimize workflows. It is satisfying to see how we reduce the time and costs for our customers to exchange images. I think with all of the enhancement requests it’s amazing to see the products we build out for each customer and the cross-functionality between teams. We work with Customer Success and the Product Development teams to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they want. Also, a tough part of being a professional services team member is the support responsibility, and as a manager or a senior person on the team, it is satisfying to be apart of training the analysts and seeing how far they’ve come. They tackle so many tickets and calls, and it’s great to see how we support our customers from that aspect.

Rebecca: Any interesting projects you are working on currently?

Melissa: I’ve been enjoying working with customers on our various Epic integration capabilities.  One facility has a pretty manual workflow that involves normalizing data, uploading images, and making sure data matches up with their internal PACS. Using our Epic  Hyperspace integration we are able to automate that. 

For another large health system, we are building out their disaster recovery plan. If their PACS shut down or fails, they can immediately transition over to Ambra and view the images. 

Rebecca: Any final words to add?

Melissa: What makes our team really special is that we have a very intensive team! We have 24/7 support for those tickets that come in after hours, and if our first line of support can’t handle questions, we have someone on call to always answer questions and troubleshoot if necessary. Even though we are split between New York and Denver, our team is always in constant communication – using Slack to stay in touch and collaborate on issues. We also schedule around what times work best for each office – New York coming in earlier to support customers on the east coast and Denver staying later to support the west coast.

Melissa Lam is a consultant on Ambra Health’s Professional Services team with previous work experience in hospital clinical settings. She graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Biological Sciences. As a consultant at Ambra, Melissa works with customers to identify their workflows and deploy efficient Ambra solutions to streamline their processes. Outside of Ambra, Melissa loves volunteering at her local animal shelter, visiting museums, and traveling to new places.

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About Rebecca Schankerman

Rebecca Schankerman is an alumna of Indiana University with an honors degree in Management and Marketing. Rebecca has a strong passion for marketing and how it plays a role within the healthcare industry. As Ambra’s Field Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca handles all aspects of the events Ambra attends within the medical imaging and informatics fields. When she’s not planning the latest Ambra conference or trade show, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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