At Ambra We’re Grateful for.. RSNA!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We here at Ambra hope everyone has a great holiday and send our best wishes. As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week there is one thing we are all grateful for—RSNA! We’ll convene in Chicago with the rest of the radiology world next week to showcase product developments, meet up with Ambra users, and learn about new trends in medical imaging. If you will be at the conference please stop by our booth (Hall A, #1122) to say hi!

In preparation for the conference, I’d like to share insights from the Ambra team about “what to expect at RSNA”:

Meeting radiologists and IT people face to face was my favorite thing about the conference. Face to face discussions are engaging and enable us to get a better understanding of their needs.— Chase Johnson, Account Executive

Make sure to slow down and take the time to speak with vendors because there is so much to learn about—and wear comfortable shoes! It’s also great to have an opportunity to socialize with colleagues and customers whom you don’t see on a daily basis.— Kerri Knippenberg, Account Executive

I get the most excitement from engaging with industry leaders, doctors, and IT visionaries on the floor and during meetings. RSNA brings the newest tech, news, and leaders from across the industry — each year is different and the only thing one can ‘expect’ is that RSNA is always a great opportunity to learn from leaders across the industry!— Mark Grenga, Account Executive

This year at RSNA we will be highlighting the newest customers to join our 1,000+ provider network, Atrius Health and Envision Radiology, and showcasing new product features such as automated DICOM wrapping of non-DICOM images, the Personal Accelerator that improves diagnostic viewer speeds on laptops for physicians who need access out of the office, and individualized profile settings to configure the viewer for each physician’s preferences. These and other new product features are detailed in our press release here.

Google will be attending RSNA for the first time ever this year. This is exciting for everyone in the industry as it indicates their growing interest in radiology and demonstrates a larger trend of big players in the tech industry increasing their presence in healthcare. The expanding interest in healthcare IT will foster new partnerships and innovative initiatives that we here at Ambra are very excited about!

We look forward to seeing those in the radiology industry at RSNA and hope you enjoy a great holiday—let us know if your turkey needs any medical imaging!

Nina Vaswani, SDR Ambra Health

About Nina Vaswani

Nina Vaswani is a digital health enthusiast, 30 Rock fan, and recent graduate of Vanderbilt University. Since moving to New York and starting work at Ambra she’s enjoyed exploring the city’s oyster happy hours and learning how to avoid eye contact on the subway.

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