Ambra Health and Google Cloud: Transforming Access to Medical Imaging

The original presentation was created to be shared at the HIMSS 2020 conference at the Google booth. You can find all pertinent links on the Google website as well as in the blog post below.

The Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences team spoke with Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, about the new possibilities that secure medical image sharing technologies create for medical professionals and patients. To read the full interview transcript, check out the interview here.

When patients in large metropolitan areas fall ill, they can visit their nearby hospital to consult directly with experts. Their doctors, using advanced equipment conveniently located down the hall, can work quickly to identify the ailment and prescribe treatments. But for patients in remote areas, the nearest trained medical expert, and the equipment necessary to make a diagnosis, may be oceans away. Inspired to address this urgent lack of access, Ambra Health joined forces with RAD-AID, a global group of radiologist visionaries, and Google Cloud to build a digital radiology system for caregivers at the Lao Friends Children’s Hospital. Their efforts would bring advanced imaging to vulnerable patients who might otherwise never experience its benefits. Read the full summary here.


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