Breast Health Awareness Month

October is Breast Health Awareness Month. This means not only identifying risk factors and diagnosis statistics but also October is Breast Health Awareness Monthrecognizing the tools that improve the patient experience, diagnosis, and care. Early detection, better screening, increased awareness, and new treatment options have led to earlier diagnoses and better care for breast cancer patients.

Imaging is a critical part of a patient’s breast cancer diagnosis and care plan. When patients have easy access to their diagnostic images, it helps ease the logistical burden on patients and allows them to focus on treatment.

Providers can prioritize a better patient experience by offering patient portals and tools to allow patients to quickly view and share imaging through the cloud. This gives patients control over their treatment plans and improves their ability to get a second opinion.

Medical Imaging & Improved Patient Experience

  • Reduce the Risk – Mammograms can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer by 30-40% among women ages 40-70.
  • Access to Images  Easy access to medical imaging can help ease the logistical burden on patients and allow them to focus on treatment.
  • View Images Anywhere – With the tools to view and share their images from the cloud at any time, patients have more agency in their treatment.
  • Patient Portals – Women’s health and imaging centers can improve the patient experience by providing access to images through patient portals.

Ambra Health is proud to partner with many women’s health groups, including Ella Health. Ella Health’s goal was to improve the mammography experience for women and empower them to take control of their health. Unfortunately, Ella Health has closed all centers, and they are no longer in operation. Ambra Health is committed to providing patients easy and secure access to their medical imaging. In the spirit of this, if you ever had any medical imaging taken at the Westport, CT or San Antonio, TX locations of Ella Health, please reach out to chopper@ambrahealth.com.

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