Discover The True Cost of CDs

CDs still act as the prevalent method of image exchange across the US healthcare system despite 75% of healthcare experts surveyed in a consumer report believing that eliminating CDs would improve patient care.

CDs place an enormous amount of pressure on patients. We are asking a patient, who is often ill or worried about a condition, to drive and pick-up a CD of their imaging that can easily be lost, broken, or encrypted leading to a less than efficient appointment. Ambra Health conducted a patient survey which found a large disparity between what patients want and what they are receiving. About 80% of patients want access to their imaging, yet only about a quarter actually have that access.

CDs impede the lives of providers and administrators, too. Healthcare facilities are wasting over 84 days per year on CD upload, burning, and patient data matching. Relying on a medium based transfer method like CDs leads to increased spending for hospitals, sometimes well over $100,000 a year on courier costs alone.

Let’s stop wasting physician, administrator, and patient time with CDs. It is time to #DitchTheDisk and move to the Cloud.

#DitchTheDisk with Ambra Health: Discover the True Cost of CDs

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CDs Are Out of Date

  • 80% of healthcare organizations still use CDs to transfer medical imaging, yet 90% of providers believe it’s important to eliminate CDs from healthcare.
  • An average of 605 CDs are burned each month.
  • An average of 350 CDs are ingested each month.

CDs Waste Time and Money

  • 81% of healthcare organizations say CDs take up too much time. 
  • Over 84 days per year are wasted on CD related tasks whether it be uploading, burning, or patient data matching.
  • It takes the average patient over 3 days to access their imaging.
  • 74% of administrators say that eliminating CDs would improve job satisfaction. 

CDs Negatively Impact Patient Care

  • 25 minutes of time can be wasted when relying on CDs for trauma care.
  • 75% of providers believe eliminating CDs would improve patient care.
  • 1 in 3 patients can not easily access their medical records.

Eliminate CDs and Move to the Cloud

  • 88% of providers believe Patient Portals are a substitute for CDs
  • An average of $78k is saved each year by eliminating CDs.

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