Our Virtual Summer Series 2020 Recap

Our Virtual Summer Series that we held alongside Virtual SIIM 2020 just wrapped up. It was a different kind of event for all of us, your feet may be feeling more rested than last year, but your eyes may be feeling the strain of hopping from webinar to webinar. While we miss meeting in person, it was great to connect with so many new and familiar faces during this challenging time.

Ambra Health Offers Access to Medical Imaging with Epic Integrations

We were thrilled to kick off the week with exciting news. The Ambra Health team proudly announced new integrations with Epic’s MyChart and other applications. The interoperability across platforms enables patients, physicians, and administrators to instantly access medical imaging, when and where they need it most.

We held a variety of industry programming sessions during the week. Watch the on-demand videos below:

Industry Connect Session: Enabling Remote Access and Care During COVID-19

With our nation enduring the devastating effects of COVID-19, healthcare institutions today are facing an urgent need to expand telehealth offerings in order to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Watch this on-demand webinar with Ambra CEO, Morris Panner, and Ambra’s Director of Customer Success, Chantel Hopper, as they discuss why telehealth and virtual solutions can enable remote access and how Ambra can help your facility to instantly share imaging with patients and referring physicians.

Product Demonstration:

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

  • Ambra experts shared an overview of Ambra Health and how our software can fit into any healthcare industry’s system.
  • Ambra Solutions Consultant demonstrated our software capabilities, including ingestion & inbound exchange, image distribution & access, and gateway routing & workflow.

Customer Programming Sessions:

EHR Integrations Webinar  

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

  • Ambra offers simple and seamless ways to add imaging capabilities to your EMR or EHR, thereby consolidating patient imaging with your EHR and eliminating the need to login to two systems and toggle between browsers.
  • Ambra’s interoperability across various inpatient and outpatient EHR platforms enables instant access to medical imaging, as we image-enable a variety of leading EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Modernizing Medicine, eCW, Athena Health, and more. Ambra can also plug into your patient and/or physician portal and support a broad range of file types for upload.
  • Whether your organization is using Epic, athenahealth, drchrono, Cerner, Greenway, or another patient portal, we’ve got you covered. Our cloud image management solution can be customized to your existing needs using flexible and comprehensive web-based APIs.

Ambra for Research 

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

  • Ambra allows Research Organizations to rapidly deploy new trials with our cost-effective and highly scalable platform.
  • Our platform provides all of the research tools needed to create a standardized imaging data set through Data Intake, Data Clean-Up, and Data-Analysis.
  • Our Anonymization toolset allows you to remove/alter PHI both in the DICOM Tags and within the Pixel Data, both on the server-side and client-side.

Referring Physician and Patient Portal

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

  • With image-enabled portals, reduce costs of CDs, burners, couriers, redundant imaging, and reallocate the resources in faculty completing these tasks for more productive functions.
  • Empower patients and referring physicians to take ownership of their data, allow them to access imaging anytime, and benefit from Ambra’s 24/7 support.
  • Partner with Ambra’s team to customize routing so images can be auto-forwarded on select tags, put in place image/report delay rules, and create branded user guides to ease users into this transition.

Back to Basics

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

  • Our ‘Back to Basics’ training session refreshed users on how to perform actions such as viewing and sharing studies.
  • Users also learned how to customize their user-profiles and anonymization.

Ditch Workflows for Yoga Flows, Our First-Ever Yoga with RADxx Event:

It has become a tradition during SIIM for RADxx to host a networking event where our community can meet in person, connect with fellow leaders in radiology and informatics, and support our mission to promote diversity within the industry. This year, we held our first-ever virtual yoga session! It was a great time to unwind, not only during SIIM but during a difficult time that has impacted everyone’s lives in many different ways.

It was a fantastic evening for RADxx members all around. We are also excited for RADxx Steering Committee member, Tessa Cook, MD, PhD on winning The Dr. Ruth Dayhoff Award for the Advancement of Women in Medical Imaging Informatics.

Thanks to all who joined us this week!


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As Ambra Health’s Brand Manager, Becky is dedicated to creating engaging designs that bring Ambra’s message to life. When she’s not pushing pixels, you can find her in the local coffee shop or discovering hidden running trails.

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