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U.S. News & World Report recently released its “Best Children’s Hospital” rankings, which names the 10 best children’s hospitals in the country and the top 50 children’s hospitals in 10 specialties. The report scores hospitals on outcomes data (survival, infections etc.), resources directly related to patient care, reputation among experts, adherence to best practices, and infection protection. Ambra Health is honored to work with leading children’s hospitals including Boston Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Standford and many more.

Pediatric hospitals often face unique challenges when it comes to medical image management as patients are typically first seen by a primary care physician, then referred to a specialty center for imaging, and then to the main hospital for further diagnosis, and potential treatment. Coordination among various care providers during procedures is absolutely critical, as is the sharing of medical imaging and data. Especially for those in pediatric care, parents are frequently anxious concerning overexposure to radiation for children. Children are considered more at risk than adults since exposure levels are higher, making dose management even more important.

The cloud acts as a solution to making imaging available when and where it is needed, reducing the need for redundant imaging. Leading facilities have been able to leverage their outside image management suite to allow for rapid and efficient image exchange among care providers.

During a live webinar event with Ambra Health, Alexander J. Towbin, MD Associate Chief, Radiology Informatics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center shared that at Cincinnati Children’s, they sought to solve two key image management problems with one solution – image sharing and teleradiology. They also required an image management product that had customization and workflow routing capabilities, an easy user interface, and clinical trial capabilities as Cincinnati Children’s receives more than 30,000 outside imaging studies each year. Previously, it had cost $10 to burn or ingest one CD with medical images, and Cincinnati Children’s was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on outside images. Today, Cincinnati Children’s uses gateways from their cloud-based outside image management vendor to share and receive images from other image sharing platform across their wide network and route them to where they need to be when they need to be there. Additionally, the use of these gateways has helped to reduce duplicate imaging and additional anesthesia for duplicate MRI procedures among their pediatric population.

Stanford Children’s Health faced a similar challenge as they utilized disparate systems for peer-to-peer image sharing and CD/DVD ingestion. Recognizing the need to standardize the outside image management (OIM) solution across various regional and national partnerships, Stanford Children’s chose to go with a cloud-based suite, Ambra, to address their comprehensive OIM needs. This allowed their team to focus on the strategic goals of the project rather than worrying about the infrastructure deployment aspects, while also fulfilling many of the anytime, anywhere access requirements. Reducing the number of disparate systems to facilitate image exchange, Stanford Children’s has been able to cut costs and move towards one singular system.

You can check out the case study here.


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