SIIM 2018 Recap: Collaboration in Medical Imaging

Collaboration in Medical Imaging Across the Healthcare Enterprise

Ambra Health CEO, Morris Panner, spoke on an #AskIndustry session on collaboration across the enterprise. As radiologists begin to step “out of the darkroom,” there is much to consider. What happens when patients reach out to a radiologist before their referring physician? What happens when a patient calls during reading hours? Will the interruptions become so great that radiologists will face a delay in report turnaround time? Panelists shared strategies including using apps wisely, making sure that scheduling takes interruptions into account, and improving workflow routing.

“We’ve seen many facilities find success by image enabling their EHR and creating a  central “cockpit” for all the information. ” – Morris Panner, CEO Ambra Health

Reducing interruptions will be a joint effort, and collaboration in medical imaging across the healthcare enterprise comes down to a platform’s ability to tailor to the radiology department and, in some cases, the individual radiologist’s workflow. As Morris Panner said, “We’ve seen many facilities find success by image enabling their EHR and creating a  central “cockpit” for all the information. ”

The group divided up into tables and each group shared some of the unique struggles they had felt as women in the industry including frequently being the only woman in a meeting, encouraging more young women to enter math and science-based fields, and overall work-life balance. #RADxx events are not just for women, men are always encouraged to attend and share their experiences as well. Jason Howie, Ambra’s Director of Demand Generation & Operations, shared his thoughts as a man (with several women on his team!) following the roundtable here.

Live from SIIM 2018: Women in Imaging informatics

Following the session, Dr. Tessa Cook was interviewed by Aunt Minnie. Check out the video below to learn even more about #RADxx! Thank you again to all who participated.

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