The New Rules of Ambulatory Surgery Competition

Advisory Board: 2019 Imaging Performance Partnership MeetingAmbra Health was excited to host Andrea Martin of the Advisory Board for a live webinar event on building a winning ASC strategy. Hospitals and health systems are seeing massive growth in the lucrative and highly competitive market for ambulatory surgery. How can organizations implement an ASC strategy to compete against both new and traditional competitors?

Martin discussed the three steps to building an improved ASC strategy which included,

1. Refining Strategy 

“There isn’t a one size fits all approach to any ASC strategy,” shared Martin. Rather, the strategy should support the facility’s broader initiatives. Hospitals must evaluate which procedures should be moved from the hospital to the ASC. These procedures are often low-acuity and highly “shoppable” by consumers. For example, at Winslow Health, ASC joint ventures with physicians have been a part of their local expansion strategy since the 1980s. However, they have recently started expanding into outlying markets. Today, this includes 18 facilities that are up to 100 miles away from the hospital’s main campus. This provides an opportunity to expand their geographic reach while providing new revenue streams.

2. Assembling a Facility Footprint 

Martin suggested that facilities should explore partnerships with a management company to improve the chances of success. The advantages of working with a management company include maximizing internal staff time by utilizing external resources, benefiting from existing supply purchasing relationships, and appealing to physicians who may prefer the security of an experienced management team.

3. Competing to Win 

Facilities must consider the importance of trust and building personal relationships with local physicians. This includes educating local providers on the services of an ASC, building trust with physicians be ensuring excellent care of patients on procedure days, and establishing clear communications following the procedure.

For more detailed insights, view the full webinar recording here.

Additionally, if you are attending the Becker’s ASC 26th Annual Meeting in Chicago, let’s set up a time to meet at Booth 6T for a discussion on what the future holds for medical imaging. 

With healthcare initiatives calling for more efficient imaging studies, patients demanding increased access to medical data, and a frustrating lack of imaging interoperability across siloed systems, it’s no wonder that facilities are looking towards technology innovators to lead the way. We’d love to share strategies to improve image accessibility at your facility and how data can be used in exciting projects once freed from silos. 


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