Virtual RSNA 2020

Virtual Booth RSNAVirtual RSNA is an entirely new experience for attendees, vendors, and exhibitors. Understanding how to best utilize the platform and engage with others, whether for education or purchasing decisions, is a whole new challenge.

During this strange time, our very seasoned RSNA team has put together a list of ways to make virtual RSNA feel like the real deal.

  1. Do you have some leftover Halloween candy? Eat it while touring a virtual booth. We recommend the Ambra Health booth, but we may be biased.
  2. Open your windows to feel the “Chicago breeze.” If you live in a warm climate, consider a fan!
  3. Head to your local Starbucks and wait two hours for your drink of choice.
  4. Use Goldbelly to order some Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza.
  5. Stand in heels on a slab of concrete for 7 hours.
  6. Wear a nametag inside your home for a week.
  7. Ask your neighbor’s dog how many years they have been attending RSNA.
  8. Print out collateral from a few vendors’ websites, stuff it deep into your briefcase, and never look at it again.
  9. Pick up random trinkets from your garage and call them “giveaways.”
  10. Lurk behind your family members’ desktops. When they ask if you have a question or would like to see a demo, run away!

All jokes aside, we expect to see several hot topics on everyone’s mind at this year’s virtual conference. COVID-19 has ushered in a new world of virtual care that is very likely here to stay post-pandemic. How will your facility adapt to changing demands for patient portals and enhanced access?

And while virtual care is paramount, many physicians are pushing for a #ReturntoCare too as patients have foregone preventative exams for far too long. How will your facility communicate to patients about this return and create a safe environment to do so?

Is AI the answer to both of these questions? Could AI be utilized to more accurately ascertain risks or even recommend which patients should be seen more urgently? Could AI also help us better understand some of the long-term effects of COVID-19?

And finally, with radiology consolidation still at a high rate, should your facility consider the benefits of a merger? Could a merger increase the IT and personnel resources available to you?

These are the questions that we hear from our customers every day. It inspired us to develop the Ask the Experts series where panelists discuss everything from workplace culture, to mergers and acquisitions to AI. Listen to past sessions and stay tuned for future sessions here.

Interested in connecting with Ambra Health to hear more about our latest features like ProViewer and how we enable anytime, anywhere access with Best in KLAS image exchange and a unified Cloud PACS? Request to meet with a team member here. We hope to meet you virtually!


Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

About Catherine Slotnick

Catherine Slotnick is a passionate healthcare marketer with a deep interest in the latest & greatest in the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Marketing, Catherine primarily focuses on creating and sharing thought leadership content in the radiology and informatics space. Catherine graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology & Art History. When she's not writing, she enjoys cooking and petting dogs that aren't hers.

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