DICOM Grid Settles the Dress Dispute!

Is it white and gold? Is it blue and black? The dress mystery has been on everyone’s mind this morning and people have strongly sided with one team. It has been announced on social media that the dress is indeed blue and black and was never produced in gold and white. Our brain struggles to determine whether the dress is blue and black in a yellow light or white and gold in a blue light.

To settle the debate once and for all, a member of our professional services team, Andrew Creedon, dropped the dress JPEG into our DICOM Viewer. We DICOM wrapped this JPEG in order to upload.

The viewer doesn’t lie and the dress is blue and black (we apologize team white and gold). Want to see the dress for yourself? Use this link to access our viewer and say yes to the dress yourself!

Key Dress Mystery Solving Tools:

Window Leveling Tool

Using the window leveling tool, you can adjust the image contrast by scrolling over the image. When we scrolled to the left, the white and gold dress instantly became black and blue.

Layout Function

The layout option allows you to compare several different images of the dress at once. You can adjust each image and evaluate them. The annotation tool can also point to direct comparisons between images.


The magnifying capability allows you to zoom in closely on the lace detail of the dress. After using the window-leveling tool, the lace on the dress is now clearly black.

Was the dress white and gold or blue and black in your eyes?

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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