Patients Are No Longer Waiting on the Sidelines 

This blog post by Ambra Health Professional Services Analyst, Jessie Swindell, was originally published for CommonWell.

There was a point in time where health technology was a foreign concept, and the general consensus was to leave it to the experts. However, health technology is no longer an unconventional, daunting field that requires users to be extremely tech savvy. While the industry has been advancing, the user experience has simultaneously become more seamless, simple, and accessible for both patients and providers. This has proved to be beneficial in a variety of ways, but specifically the progressions in heath technology allowed for the necessary transition to virtual care at a time when going into the doctor’s office was no longer the safest option. The health tech industry was prepared. We were prepared because we are always preparing; the industry is constantly evolving and improving, creating a secure, virtual exchange process of patients’ health records. Not only does this allow patients to have a centralized location for their  own records, but it ensures that providers are able to offer a full assessment of their patient, utilizing past medical records and imaging with ease, so patient care can remain the top priority. 

A closer look at Gunnison Valley Health, a top 100 critical care hospital, really highlights just how profound a cloud image exchange solution can be. Gunnison Valley Health Enables Image-Sharing from Ski Slopes to Germany; a unique case in the sense that the majority of its patients are tourists, attracted to the surrounding mountains for seasonal activities. Since 1938, Gunnison Valley Health has strived to provide reliable patient care. However, one can imagine the many difficulties that arise when the primary method of image exchange is CDs getting shipped across the country, in hopes of reaching patients’ primary physicians. Health technology has saved valuable time and money, while allowing patients to feel at ease knowing that such advancements are a direct result of prioritizing patient care.  

Health tech has been given a makeover into a sleek, readily available, user-friendly space – a space that is accessible even from a smartphone app – while all the data analysis and coding are excluded from the patient experience, reserved specifically for IT support. Tech support is in constant communication with the software developers, customers, and patients, allowing for these worlds to merge and create a technology service that is not only innovative and transformative, but that is usable. Ambra Health CEO, Morris Panner, touches on the increasing involvement patients have with their medical records, answering the question Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerate Patient Access to Data? Living in a pandemic has made many individuals hyper-aware of their medical concerns, increasing engagement with their own medical records. Patients want to understand their reports and imaging so they can have a significant part in decisions affecting their health. Patients are taking ownership of their medical needs, and thanks to health technology, such involvement and ownership has been made attainable. This increased initiative from patients in concurrence with dedicated support technicians and providers can only mean one thing for the future- patients will not be returning to the sidelines when their health is centerfield.  

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