Saving Time, Saving Money – A Real Use Case with Jupiter Orthopedics & Ambra

Jupiter Orthopedics SportsThe problems that Dr. Wade Van Sice and his team were running into at Jupiter Orthopedics & Sports Medicine were issues that we hear similar practices encountering time and time again. CDs with patient imaging were causing a major headache for the Jupiter Ortho team as they were often lost, scratched, or simply incompatible with systems upon upload. In a recent survey published by Ambra Health, of the 1,100 healthcare consumers surveyed, 57% had been handed a CD to bring to their new provider or referred specialist.

How can it be that in a world of savvy smartphones, abundant Wi-Fi, and forward-thinking technological advances, the healthcare industry could be lagging behind on something as critical as medical imaging?

In addition, the Jupiter Ortho team was spending a considerable amount of time and energy getting ahold of, organizing, and ensuring that all patients CDs were avaliable for surgery day. With the Ambra platform, these stresses were solved.

By shifting to Ambra, Jupiter Ortho has moved to a digital model for image transfer, enabling administrators to upload patient imaging to Jupiter Ortho’s web portal, and for physicians to instantly access them. Jupiter Ortho has also already partnered with two imaging centers in the area and installed an Ambra gateway, which automatically routes patient imaging to his system. The practice plans to establish more gateways with other leading imaging centers in the area over the next few years.

Ambra has also given Dr. Van Sice the ability to remotely view imaging and reports from anywhere at anytime. As a busy physician, owner, and frequent speaker at educational events,  having the power to pull cases whenever allows Dr. Van Sice to complete his work at a more efficient rate on his time.

Efficiency, increased patient volume, and time savings for administrative staff – all benefits that are a common result of implementing the Ambra platform. You can read more about Jupiter Ortho and Ambra Health here.


Joshua Beauregard, SDR Ambra

About Joshua Beauregard

Joshua is a driven member of the Ambra sales team and is fueled by his curiosity to learn more about the growing role of cloud technology within the healthcare industry. His work as an Account Executive connects him with practices to assist in their efforts toward developing more unified and efficient systems. Josh graduated from Boston College with a BA in Communication and American Studies. Josh could talk about tennis for hours on end and prefers Dunkin’ Donuts over Starbucks.

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