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CDs were first invented in 1982, the same year Michael Jackson released ‘Thriller’ and 2 years before the first cell phone was sold. So why are they still so prevalent in medical workflows?

Here’s an image for you. A patient emerges from the frosted glass doors of their local private orthopedic provider carrying a CD. Down the sidewalk they go, CD in hand. The car door closes, and *poof* the CD is never seen again.

There are a few problems that arise from this ever-present scenario. First, the patient is going to need another CD if they would like to access their images – an unnecessary cost. Second, they run the risk of receiving redundant x-rays in order to cope with the mysterious disappearance of their CD – a risk to patient health. Third, the use of CDs creates delays in workflows especially if they’re lost or sent via snail-mail – wasted time.

Let’s break down these problems down, and work through some tips to solve them:

Resolution #1 – Remove CDs Completely

Patient activity can be unpredictable, therefore taking CDs out of the equation must become the epicenter of our focus. To do this, we need a way to give patients electronic access to their images. The best solution is to image enable a secure patient portal. This way they can access their imaging as long as they have an internet connection and provider given log-in.

Resolution #2 – Utilize Cloud Technology

Redundant images waste time, money, and pose as a risk to patients. To solve this problem, images should be stored in a central repository, the cloud. Here, new images along with priors can be pre-fetched and guided downstream to any location. Say goodbye to redundancy!

Resolution #3 – Get Instant Access to Images

When patients come in and forget their CDs the entire workflow grinds to a halt. Negative externalities such as shipment delays, forgetful patients, and incompatible images serve as constant reminders of lost value. Not only should images be accessible at anytime, they should be accessible anywhere. This capability is the final piece of the puzzle to create a seamless hiccup-free workflow to maximize patient value, drive revenue, and minimize costs.

Now, the same patient emerges from the frosted glass doors of their tech savvy orthopedic provider, CD-less. They sit in their car to gather themselves and pull out their phone. The screen illuminates with their images. No longer are they nor the provider bound to the archaic ways of the CD. Hello 2018!


Jonathan Holland, SDR Ambra Health

About Jonathan Holland

Jonathan received his BA in Economics from the the University of Virginia. He enables healthcare providers to manage and store data in the cloud as a Sales Development Representative at Ambra Health. He loves ‘dad jokes’ and interesting science facts (preferably about space). When he’s not craving a chocolate malt milkshake, he’s pondering advantageous business decisions or daydreaming about traveling the world. His favorite greeting is a wave so if you see him waving, it’s not at the person behind you, but at you … so wave back.

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