Innovative Medical Image Management Made Possible

Ambra’s cloud medical imaging platform delivers security, availability, and compliance you can trust. Intuitive developer tools create opportunity for boundless innovation that enriches patient care. And robust partner programs support ISV and implementer success.

complete_cloud_medicalComplete Cloud Medical-Imaging Platform
Selecting a cloud medical-imaging platform to provide to your internal and external customers—or to develop on—is no small task. Nothing less than quality healthcare and physician productivity are in the balance. That’s why Ambra has developed a platform with the industry-leading security, availability, and compliance that engenders confidence and trust.


Empower Developers
For developers, weaving image management into workflows that touch physicians, patients, and administrators across healthcare networks can be a significant challenge. And delivering a robust user experience, transparent integration, and a full feature set is critical to success. Ambra makes it possible, with a cloud medical-imaging platform, end-to-end administration and customization, plus deep APIs. You get everything you need to tailor Ambra to both your needs and those of your users.


partner_success_copy_blockPartner for Success
For prospective partners, cloud medical-image management is quickly becoming a priority by creating a breathtaking array of opportunity for new solutions and applications. At Ambra, we’ve created partner programs that fast-track development of new applications and support healthcare IT implementers. We’ve also made it easy—and very beneficial—to refer cloud image management to small and large healthcare providers.