Web Services & APIs:

Open Standards to Maximize Interoperability

Use Ambra APIs to integrate the Ambra DICOM Viewer and medical image management workflows with business processes, patient systems, portals, and healthcare applications using our comprehensive standards-based web services for end-to-end control and interoperability.

dicom_viewer_copy_blockWeb Services to Embed the Ambra DICOM Viewer and More
Because Ambra is built in the cloud, our APIs use the latest RESTful standards. Popularized by industry leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, REST is the dial tone for systems integration. Our RESTful web services are ideal for integrating Ambra’s image management with custom business processes and workflows, in-house apps, patient portals, EHR systems, and more. And better yet, because they’re cloud delivered, they’re always improving, and easy to connect with on-premise systems or other cloud services.

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Comprehensive Ambra APIs for Image Management
For developers, we make it simple to manage images that are stored in the Ambra cloud. Using our RESTful API, developers gain full control managing image attributes, PHIs, image transcoding (DCM –> JPEG) and more. And our API also enables management of study-level items like: study schemas, transfer syntaxes, study PHIs and attributes. It’s fine grain control that ensures complete image and study control to work with your business processes, or third party tools.

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HL7_copy_blockComplete HL7 Support. Cloud Delivered.
HL7 is one of the standard ways of passing medical information between systems, providing a framework for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. Ambra can both receive and send HL7 messages. For receiving, Ambra provides complete HL7 support including orders, reports, admit, transfer, and discharge messages. And for sending we support orders and reports too. And as HL7 standards evolve, our always up-to-date solution makes adopting the latest standards easy.

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Total Integration and Control
With Ambra APIs, developers can control user, role and group settings, study and patient information, orders and routing, HL7 commands and more. It’s the perfect way to connect Ambra with your health care systems, build custom integrations, or even develop in-house administration tools to tailor Ambra to your specific administration and workflow needs.

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