Cloud Infrastructure:

Secure, HIPAA Compliant and Always On

Ambra leaves nothing to chance with patented protection for secure, end-to-end medical image exchange. Ambra transfers all data over secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption (TLS v1 256-bit), the industry-leading standard for high quality encryption.

Unique Split-Merge Technology
Our split-merge technology raises the bar for securing medical data in the cloud, and is a key component of our solution. It ensures that personal health data is split from the diagnostic image, such as MRI, CT, or X-Ray, and is stored in the datacenter separately—combining only in memory, never in storage. It’s technology that immediately puts your organization at the forefront of secure medical data transfer.


Infrastructure4_finalSecure, Configurable, Role-Based Access
With Ambra’s role-based security, you can configure our solution to meet the specific security requirements of different roles across your network—from physician and administrator to office manager, imaging center personnel, and more. Granular control makes it easy to set permissions around approving, sending, editing and deleting, and uploading studies. With our role-based access control and groups, you gain a single point of security and control for images across your network, eliminating rogue sharing.


Availability and Uptime That Delivers Trust and Confidence
We know that having images at hand, whether at home, in the office, or in the OR, is crucial for physicians and patients alike. Over the past year, our availability has been 99.83%. Our scalable cloud solution is proven to deliver unprecedented availability, driving confidence and trust for over 750 providers—including some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations.

Cloud Backup and Archiving Powers Continuity
Our managed and secure cloud provides archiving and backup automatically in our data centers, providing a powerful foundation to underpin continuity plans. Our cloud archive provides instant access to secondary versions of medical images and priors, should primary data become unavailable—dramatically reducing risk between you and your customers.


Always Up-To-Date Compliance—Privacy, to Technology, to Viewer
Ambra fully complies with HIPAA, and we ensure that individuals remain in control of their health information at all times. Authorization is required for every image transferred, and it’s tracked and documented with audit trails. Further, our solution is SOC 2-compliant—the gold standard for technology and cloud providers—ensuring our controls and procedures meet industry best practices. Finally, our viewer is FDA Class II, ensuring ongoing compliance for viewing and interpreting medical images. With Ambra, you’ll get always-up-to-date compliance that you can rely on.

We’re committed to delivering infrastructure, viewer, privacy and integration compliance that provides confidence and trust.