Always Up-to-Date Compliance You Can Trust

With Ambra, you get adherence to the latest healthcare and IT standards automatically. We’re committed to delivering infrastructure, viewer, privacy and integration compliance that provides confidence and trust.

MobileViewingComputer_1A Complete, FDA Class II Viewer
Eliminate those rogue medical image sharing practices using mobile phones once and for all. Our 510(k) cleared viewer, is FDA Class II compliant, providing you with the assurance that you can not only manage and view medical images, but interpret them too, using a next generation cloud PACS and HTML5, zero-footprint diagnostic viewer that can easily be integrated into the patient jacket of leading electronic health record (EHR) systems or health information exchanges (HIE).


The Peace of Mind of SOC 2 Compliance
As a cloud provider, our data center’s SOC 2 compliance provides you with the confidence that we adhere to strong security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy best practices. Our processes are audited annually, ensuring that we are current with the latest requirements of this vital standard.


Compliance1_fnlFully Compliant with HIPAA
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) governs how Ambra may use and share personal health information. We fully comply with this standard. Among other areas, HIPAA requires that individuals remain in control of their health information at all times, which means, Ambra cannot and does not send information from an Ambra account without authorization, which is requested securely online with strict audit trails.


Comprehensive HL7 Support
HL7 is one of the standard ways of passing medical information between systems. Ambra can both receive (incoming) and send (outgoing) HL7 messages. In terms of receiving, Ambra supports orders (ORM^O01), reports (ORU^R01), and admit, transfer, discharge messages (ADT^A08 or ADT^A31). In terms of sending, Ambra supports orders (ORM^O01) and reports (ORU^R01). And as HL7 standards evolve, we always stay up-to-date.

Compliance Quality Assurance: Ambra is committed to developing quality software to meet the needs of the diagnostic imaging community.