Compliance Quality Assurance

Ambra is committed to developing quality software that meets the needs of the diagnostic imaging community. Ambra Viewer quality control testing is based on the objective use of industry test patterns on a range of monitors. For more detailed information on test requirements, monitor calibration, and hardware specifications, we recommend the following guidance from OTech.
SMPTE Test Pattern
SMPTE is the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers. This organization has developed several test patterns to ensure image quality viewing standards. Below is a link to a Ambra SMPTE pattern. It is a 1024 x 1024 image that can be used to calibrate the monitor on any viewing station running Ambra software. Once the SMPTE pattern is loaded and displayed, the user should ensure the 5% and 95% grey scales are clearly visible. If not, adjust the monitor’s contrast and brightness.
AAPM Test Patterns
AAPM is the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.
Task Group 18 (TG-18) is a national task force consisting of medical imaging experts and organizational affiliates dealing with performance evaluation of electronic display devices. Used correctly, the AAPM QC test patterns will indicate immediately if there are any potential issues with the calibration and/or monitor.
Pixel Spacing Test
The Pixel spacing test, developed by David Clunie will allow the user to appropriately calibrate and confirm display resolution. Text image data with physical pixel spacing bars are rendered allowing the user to quantifibly check spacing.