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Develop Applications. Grow Your Business.

Whether you’re building and integrating new healthcare apps, implementing solutions, or you’re a trusted advisor on healthcare technology, the Ambra Partner Programs deliver success with powerful outcomes for you, your clients, and patients.

Ambra Health Partners with AWS to Expand Medical Imaging Platform
“What has been nice about APN is it has helped us be able to take our toolsets and leapfrog some development time. It has accelerated our ability to go to customers that we could not have gone to before and give them capabilities that they could not get before. It is now in a coordinated package that works for all of us.”

– Morris Panner,
Chief Executive Officer,
Ambra Health
Invigorate Your Solutions with Cloud Medical Image Management
Today, image sharing is critical. With Ambra, it’s easy to connect this next wave of healthcare innovation with your customers and your applications because we’ve designed our developer platform to make it easy to create healthcare apps that incorporate medical image management capabilities. Whether commercializing a whole new healthcare app, adding intelligence to an existing one, or enhancing an in-house EHR/PACS/RIS, workflow system, or patient portal, our APIs and developer program have you covered.


vna_login_and_viewer-(1)A Modern, Innovative and Proven Solution to Resell
Adding a new solution to meet your customers’ needs just got simpler, because Ambra is built in the cloud. Healthcare resellers across the globe already rely on Ambra as the medical image management solution for their customers. They’re able to expand their solutions to provide PACS alternatives, physician and patient portals, remote access and Telehealth, disaster recovery, second-opinion solutions—even clinical trial enablement offerings—all through the Ambra platform.


Expand Your Position as a Trusted Advisor. Refer Ambra, and Get Rewarded.
Healthcare executives and managers are already using cloud technology to enable their organizations, and medical image management is primed for growth, because images are the #1 contributor to healthcare data growth. Our Ambra Partner Referral Program positions you as a thought leader in cloud image management, provides the tools to establish a dialogue with your clients, and enables you to help them transition from old-fashioned CDs. And we’ll reward you for driving productive new relationships.