Ambra Health and San Diego Health Connect Partner to Image-Enable HIE Provider Portal

Ambra Health and San Diego Health Connect Partner to Image-Enable HIE Provider Portal

San Diego Health Connect & Ambra Health work to empower patients with health record portability and providers with greater interoperability.

New York, NY – November 17, 2016 Ambra Health, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, today announced a partnership with San Diego Health Connect to image-enable their health information exchange (HIE) network and offer providers a streamlined way in which to exchange and view medical images such as x-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound. Now, providers for over 3.5 million patients on the exchange will have seamless, digital access to their patients’ imaging data.

San Diego Health Connect (SDHC) is a not-for-profit community collaborative health information exchange (HIE) that facilitates the electronic exchange of patient healthcare information. Key information such as test results, imaging data, demographic data, allergies, medications and medical care summaries can be readily retrieved from a patient’s health record so the attending provider has a more complete “picture” of the patient’s health at the point of care.

Consistent with its mission of “connecting healthcare stakeholders to deliver quality, comprehensive information for better care,” SDHC chose Ambra to streamline the delivery of medical images so they can be more readily incorporated in a patient’s health record no matter where the original image is located. Ambra was selected amongst an impressive list of bidders by a community-led committee comprised of prominent healthcare providers across the greater San Diego area.  Included in the committee were representatives from Kaiser, the Naval Medical Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, Scripps Health, Sharp Healthcare, the VA Medical Center, Imaging Healthcare Specialists, Sharp Community Medical Group, Pioneers Memorial Hospital, UCSD Health System, Palomar Health, and Tri-City Medical Center.

“A partnership with Ambra Health enhances the image sharing capabilities of our platform through a fully integrated and federated cloud image management model,” said Daniel Chavez, Executive Director, San Diego Health Connect.

“Ambra’s medical imaging management suite is a natural fit for Health Information Exchanges. Now, providers in San Diego and Imperial County will be able to use San Diego Health Connect’s HIE to gain access to their patients’ medical images when they need them most,” said Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health.

Leading HIEs have adopted Ambra’s technology to empower the community with greater access to patient imaging records, improving the speed of care. As a modern cloud application, Ambra maintains fully documented Web Services and an API set to optimize SDHC’s existing systems, through integrated viewing, exchange, and collaboration tools. Ambra will also deploy a web-based ‘Thin Study’ index to populate the patient index within the SDHC portal for immediate access to imaging from disparate PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) across providers.

Ambra and SDHC will work to incorporate key quality assurance practices into hospitals and imaging facilities. Ambra’s medical image management platform allows physicians to search archived images for all previous medical imaging associated with a patient across San Diego Health Connect’s network of providers, reducing duplicative imaging orders and the cost of patient care.

This new service will be especially beneficial for patients who are transferred from urgent care centers to hospitals. Ambra’s solution will allow hospital staff to readily access images through San Diego Health Connect’s Health Information Exchange so providers can get prepared for the patient’s arrival.

“This is a huge advance; San Diego Health Connect will now instantly stream all of a patient’s prior medical images to their doctor, instead of a patient needing to drive to the hospital, wait to burn the CDs of those images, then bring those CDs to their doctor appointment,” added Dr. Roland R. Lee, Professor of Radiology and Director of Neuroradiology at UC San Diego and VA San Diego.

San Diego Health Connect joins a growing list of over 750 other healthcare providers sharing images using the Ambra Health platform. See the accompanying news release for more details.

About Ambra Health

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