DICOM Grid Joins Digital Health CEO Summit, co-hosted by Rock Health and Wharton | San Francisco

DICOM Grid Joins Digital Health CEO Summit, co-hosted by Rock Health and Wharton | San Francisco

DG’s CEO leads panel with top digital health companies on next generation selling 

Phoenix, AZ (February 3, 2014) – How to improve selling to hospitals in today’s new healthcare climate is one of the topics on the table at the Digital Health CEO Summit, co-hosted by Rock Health and Wharton | San Francisco. During an exclusive panel, The Hospital as a Customer, Morris Panner of DICOM Grid will drive discussion on best practices for succeeding in a rapidly evolving environment.

Joining DICOM Grid on the panel, are two dynamic and entrepreneurial CEOs: Trey Lauderdale, Voalte; and Mark Slaughter, Cohealo; who will share their insights and exchange common leadership experiences.

During the discussion, participants will take a deep dive into selling in healthcare, covering topics related to growth strategies for finding and connecting with buyers, staying agile to capitalize on opportunities, and building the right internal sales framework.

“Rock Health is about harnessing entrepreneurial energy and making the world, particularly healthcare, better,” Halle Tecco, CEO of RockHealth, said.  ”Our CEO Summit brings thought leaders together and launches new ideas and insights.”

“We are building a community for change,” Morris Panner, CEO of DG said. “Rock Health and the community of like-minded entrepreneurs is bringing the possibility of true progress to healthcare delivery improvement and cost control.  Learning how to deliver that value proposition is a key element of success.”

The summit is an invite-only event being held February 5, 2014 at Wharton | San Francisco. For more information visit:http://rockhealth.com/event/ceo-summit/.

About Rock Health

Rock Health is powering the future of the digital health ecosystem, bringing together the brightest minds across disciplines to build better solutions. Rock Health funds and supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare.  Learn more at www.rockhealth.com.

About DICOM Grid

DICOM Grid is an open cloud platform for medical imaging applications. Our patented data security transforms your medical imaging information into a dynamic data warehouse where open web services provide universal access to all your clinically rich data. Now you can safely and easily deploy cloud applications for medical imaging collaboration, exchange, vendor-neutral archive, business continuity, EMR integration, bio-informatics, and more. Discover what the power of the cloud can do for your healthcare enterprise at www.dicomgrid.com.

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