DICOM Grid to Fuel Cloud Image Exchange Discussion at SIIM 2015

DICOM Grid to Fuel Cloud Image Exchange Discussion at SIIM 2015

Phoenix, AZ – May 21, 2015  –  Morris Panner, CEO of DICOM Grid, will drive the discussion and answer questions at SIIM 2015 concerning both professional and practical applications of Cloud image management.

Kicking off the conversation on Cloud storage and image management is an educational session, “Using the Cloud: Practical Examples – Personal and Professional,” taking place on Friday, May 29th from 3pm – 4pm in Exhibit Hall CD. Following this discussion, Panner will join “Strategies and New Ideas for Exchanging Images” on Friday, May 29th from 4:15pm – 5:15 pm in Woodrow Wilson BC. As a panelist, Panner, will bring over 15 years of software and healthcare experience to the discussion and will field questions from the audience regarding Cloud storage capabilities and integrations, PHI exchange, privacy concerns, and business continuity capabilities.

“Digital health entrepreneurs are driving interoperability and new business models in healthcare,” Morris Panner, of DG said. “However, with changes often come questions concerning security, storage, and integrations that must be addressed.”

Panner will also introduce DICOM Grid’s new and innovative Auto Film Library workflow which instantly matches PHI information to an image. At New England Baptist Health, this imaging workflow has saved over 960 hours per year for the film library staff and increased referral sources.

DICOM Grid’s core product line, DG Suite, is a Cloud-based platform used for the distribution of medical imaging data. The scalable solution enables organizations to easily deploy applications for medical imaging collaboration, image data management, and vendor neutral archiving.

DICOM Grid’s software leverages the latest innovations in Cloud technology to unify disparate imaging solutions, automate workflow, and provide individuals with immediate access to medical images.

To see DICOM Grid’s image management technology in action and to schedule a meeting at SIIM, click here.

For more information: www.dicomgrid.com

About DICOM Grid

DICOM Grid is a global cloud platform for medical imaging information and applications. Its patented data security transforms medical imaging information into a dynamic data warehouse where open web services provide universal access to clinically rich data. Physicians can safely and easily deploy cloud applications for medical imaging collaboration, exchange, vendor-neutral archive, business continuity, EMR integration, bio-informatics, and more.

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