DICOM Grid’s “DG ImageShare” available to RSNA Image Share Network Participants

DICOM Grid’s “DG ImageShare” available to RSNA Image Share Network Participants

Service for medical image sharing now available to patients and medical centers across the US

Phoenix, AZ – November 4, 2013  – Available today, the web-based service DG ImageShare offers a unified communication platform for medical image sharing to participants in the RSNA Image Share project. It allows patients, as well as providers, to quickly access, view, and share imaging and other medical records online.

The secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant benefits to both patients and care providers. Using DG ImageShare, patients can access copies of their medical images—X-Rays, CTs, MRIs and ultrasounds—and keep them in online Personal Health Record (PHR) accounts. A three-step process guides patients through the account creation. Once an account is set-up, patients can login at any time to upload and view exams, and share imaging information with specialists.  Providers can use the platform to easily retrieve patient exams, which can improve time-to-care delivery and reduce the need for duplicate and unnecessary procedures.

DG ImageShareDG ImageShare

The RSNA Image Share project, which is funded by the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), is designed to help patients take control of their medical images and reports. Since its launch in 2009 it has significantly widened its reach. “Expanding the project to as many patients as possible remains the central goal of Image Share,” said David S. Mendelson, M.D., a professor of radiology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and principal investigator on the Image Share project. “Services like DG ImageShare help to expedite the adoption of electronic image sharing among patients and providers.”

“We are excited to be partnering with RSNA on the Image Share project,” says Morris Panner, CEO of DICOM Grid. “DG ImageShare gives patients direct access to and better control of their medical images, and the ability to electronically share important diagnostic information with their entire healthcare team.”

DG Imageshare is now available to all US-based medical centers and patients enrolled in the RSNA Image Share project.

Please visit http://www.dicomgrid.com/dg-imageshare/ for more information on DG ImageShare, including videos and screenshots of the platform.

DG ImageShare was developed by DICOM Grid, a software company specializing in medical image management and exchange solutions.

For questions or to schedule and interview, please contact:

Dana Tee, Marketing Manager, DICOM Grid

Email: dtee@dicomgrid.com

To access DG ImageShare: https://imageshare.dicomgrid.com/rsna

About DICOM Grid
DICOM Grid is an open cloud platform for medical imaging applications. Our patented data security transforms your medical imaging information into a dynamic data warehouse where open web services provide universal access to all your clinically rich data. Now you can safely and easily deploy cloud applications for medical imaging collaboration, exchange, vendor-neutral archive, business continuity, EMR integration, bio-informatics, and more. Discover what the power of the cloud can do for your healthcare enterprise at www.dicomgrid.com.


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