Leading Providers Offer Patients Direct Access to View and Download Medical Imaging with Ambra Health’s Patient Portal

Leading Providers Offer Patients Direct Access to View and Download Medical Imaging with Ambra Health’s Patient Portal

Frederick Memorial Hospital’s “Access My Images” feature reduces the need for burning images onto CDs

NEW YORK, — November 13, 2018Ambra Health, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, today announced that leading providers including Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) are offering patients direct access to their medical imaging through a secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal. Frederick Memorial Hospital’s “Access My Images” feature has seen an immediate impact with over 900 logins in just the first three months alone.

Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) has been a trailblazer for leveraging cloud-based solutions for medical imaging. Ambra Health has provided image exchange through the cloud across the Frederick Memorial Hospital network since 2012, allowing authorized users immediate access to view, compare, collaborate, and transfer images to any hospital or imaging center in the community. With the debut of Access My Images, Frederick Memorial Hospital has expanded its use of imaging cloud capabilities to provide patients with access to their diagnostic images and reports through a link on the homepage of FMH.org.

Prior to the launch of the patient portal, Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) previously provided patients with their imaging on CDs — a time-consuming and expensive process as over 1,500 CDs were burned per month. Located in Frederick, Maryland the three hospital locations and numerous private practices associated with the facility serve well over 95,000 patients.

“Given the tremendous value that imaging plays in both diagnosing and treating many diseases, Frederick Memorial Hospital recognized it was imperative that access to images be included on the FMH Website,” said Brian Petrie, PACS Administrator, Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Today, once a patient completes their imaging, they are given a login to receive images within 2 hours of the procedure. This allows patients to be able to not only view but also forward their exams to physicians and care providers of their choosing and download images on a PC or USB. The program was an instant success with over 900 logins in just the first three months of launch. Offering patients access to their images via a patient portal has reduced the number of CDs the hospital burns.

A study by Ambra Health found that 80% of respondents said they would like to have access to their medical imaging alongside their test results, implying the need for increased annotation and patient facing reports that can be easily understood. “Patients today are very used to accessing just about anything online and are asking why they can’t have ownership of their own health care data, including imaging,” said Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health. An image-enabled patient portal offers patients the ability to work with their providers to better understand their own health and treatment plans.”

View the full case study of how Frederick Memorial Hospital has image-enabled their patient portal, here.

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