Advisory Services:

Align with Ambra to Achieve Your Imaging Goals

Ambra has worked to fundamentally restructure the imaging workflows at leading facilities—improving patient care, enhancing image availability and cutting costs along the way.

Ambra Advisory ServicesReview Current Workflow

Our imaging experts will work with your team to establish an alignment document to identify pain points, solutions, and training suggestions to ease deployment. What is the patient experience like at your organization? Are patients currently having imaging done onsite? Are patients bringing imaging in on CDs for review? Are you a surgical center that collects large amounts of prior imaging and reports and requires complex EHR integrations? We’ll walk through the flow of medical imaging from beginning to end and discover where your greatest administrative and medical challenges lie.

Ambra Advisory ServicesEstablish New Workflow

Throughout the establishment of your new streamlined workflow, Ambra imaging experts will offer several possible decision points for each step in the process. For example, if it has been determined that your front desk will upload studies, we’ll walk through best practices like if login should be enabled or disabled or if additional questions should be part of the upload process. The step-by-step workflow will be outlined from the initial source of imaging, to image viewing, transfer, storage, and EHR/EMR or RIS integration.


Advanced Workflow Optimization

Once your new and improved workflow has been outlined, we’ll move on to the discussion of possible ways to further optimize that workflow based on best practices. For example, our Auto Film Library enables no touch ingestion of outside studies into your PACS. Ambra will build a dictionary to lookup the appropriate outside procedure code by comparing the study description and modality with the outside procedure code that has been historically selected.