Cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communications System (Cloud PACS):

One Platform For All Your Imaging Needs

Consolidate multiple imaging systems with one flexible, customizable, and low maintenance cloud platform. Easy-to-use Modality Worklist and flexible routing rules drive better productivity for staff and physicians alike.

Cloud-based Picture Archive and Communication System | Cloud PACS | Ambra HealthA cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (Cloud PACS) shares many similarities with a traditional PACS. But with one big difference: Ambra takes care of deployment, support, upgrades, and system maintenance and updates, allowing you to focus solely on patient care rather than worrying about IT issues. With a predictable subscription, there are no hidden or surprise costs often associated with a traditional PACS.

Better yet you get anytime, anywhere access to images, as well as reliable, trusted cloud backup and archive to reduce business continuity risk.

One PACS for All Modalities:

Ambra can handle all DICOM modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, US, and MG. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM for a holistic view of all patient imaging.

Remove Error from Modality Worklist:

Ambra provides an HL7 interface to automatically populate order information from your EMR to your modality, saving time and manual error from technician order entries.

Routing Rules & Workflow:

Leverage routing rules to automate your workflow. Share studies across organizations, locations, groups, or users. Send studies to specified PACS, modalities, or viewing stations, based on user-defined parameters.

Cloud-based Picture Archive and Communication System | Cloud PACS | Ambra HealthSecure, Trusted Cloud Storage:

Ambra’s secure, trusted and elastic cloud-based storage makes it simple to move all imaging into one single repository for easy access to priors.

EHR Order Integration:

Ambra image-enables industry-leading EMR and EHR systems, allowing the unification of patient health records and management of imaging directly from within the patient jacket. In addition, orders involving imaging can be placed, processed, viewed, and completed from within the EMR or EHR.

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