Contract Research Organizations (CROs):

Scale Time Points, Increase Transparency for Sponsors, Cut Costs

The Ambra cloud image management platform is proven to reduce time to implement clinical trials, cut costs, and reach critical go-or-no-go decisions faster, by improving delivery speed and reducing submission errors from sending sites.

contract_clinical_mgmt_blockClinical Trial Management
Our easy image uploader and cloud sharing makes it simple to add new sending sites to support a time point with just a few clicks, scale up time points, and add more patients faster. With the power to instantly scale to sending sites while maintaining strong submission integrity, we’re proven to cut months off of clinical trials.

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Anonymized Study Handling
The data-sharing plan for your trials requires that patient data is shared in a way that protects the confidentiality of the research subjects. Yet, the process of anonymizing and de-identification is at best haphazard and onerous; at worst, it poses the risk of breaching confidentiality. Our automation removes DICOM tags locally before the time point leaves the sending facility, eliminating risk of accidentally leaving any patient information tags in place. We even enable the removal of identifiable information from the exam itself.


workflow_blockWorkflow and Analytics
Managing the flow of incoming studies from sending sites can be a daunting process. Fortunately, we manage the routing for you. No more CDs, no more manual effort, just incoming studies directly routed to your facilities, with automated sharing to organizations, locations, groups and users like QA personnel and investigators, through workflows that you can centrally define, manage and update, when your trial demands it. Better yet, our workflows and routing shave manual effort off trials, saving valuable resources.


Cloud Archive
Your trials rely on images to be successful, and your sponsors depend on it. Yet CDs and on-premise archives create significant risk, from lost studies, errors,  to unscheduled PACS downtime. A data loss event can jeopardize an entire trial. Our managed and secure cloud provides archiving and backup automatically, so you get instant access to secondary versions of medical images and priors if primary data becomes unavailable, while benefiting from industry leading failover and availability.