Clinical Trial Management:

Reach More Sending Sites Faster, While Cutting Research Costs

ClinicalTrialManagemnt2_fnlAccelerate Studies. Reduce Submission Errors.
With Ambra, there are no more CDs, VPNs or FTP setup that make it hard to connect to sending sites for trials. Our easy image uploader and cloud sharing make it simple to add new facilities to support a time point with just a few clicks, scale up time points and add more patients faster. Better yet, by eliminating physical media, we improve the percentage of submission-compliant images automatically.


Quickly Customize to Your Specific Trial Needs
We know that every trial is different and often requires unique descriptors or customized fields to help track data based on what is specified by the key opinion leader. With Ambra, you can easily create custom fields for the image upload process, and custom routing rules based on the demands of your trial. We even enable corresponding descriptions or responses to be automatically mapped to DICOM tags within the time point.


ClinicalTrialManagemnt1_fnlAutomates the De-identification Process
Removing patient identifying information like patient names or other patient health information before image transfer can often be a hit or miss affair. Ambra turns it into a straightforward and automatic process and can remove DICOM tags locally before the time point leaves the sending computer. We even make it simple to remove patient identifying information that has been “burned” into the pixels of the image exam itself.


Improve Sponsor Communication
Being transparent with study sponsors can often be a job unto itself. Ambra’s instant cloud based access makes providing transparency to sponsors a snap, enabling you to provide them with self-service access to trial data, easily download studies, and access detailed reporting such as when a new time point is updated, viewed, created, or shared with another organization.