Clinical Trials:

Instantly Scale Sending Sites & Decrease Delays

Finally, a secure and seamless solution for image upload, sharing, and de-identification. Transform clinical trial management in the cloud with Ambra.

ClinicalTrialManagemnt2_fnlQuickly Customize Ambra to Your Specific Trial Needs
Ambra’s cloud image management platform provides everything your organization needs to transform clinical trial management— from eliminating sending site uploads, QC review, auto routing of images, through to mobile viewing, eCRF, and frictionless management of all data. With Ambra, you can easily create custom fields for the image upload process, and custom routing rules based on the demands of your trial. We even enable corresponding descriptions or responses to be automatically mapped to DICOM tags within the timepoint.


Reduce Submission Errors. Cut Costs. Get Complete Transparency.
Completely in the cloud, Ambra replaces physical media like CDs or hard drives for image transfer that hamper trials. With instant, secure, digitally routed images, we eliminate wasted time and courier costs, and improve the percentage of compliant submissions, allowing key opinion leaders to reach critical go-or-no-go decisions faster. Downloadable detailed reports include information such as when a new timepoint is updated, viewed, created, or shared with another organization, providing complete transparency to all involved from sponsors to investigators, to sending site managers.


contract_clinical_mgmt_blockAutomates the De-identification Process
Removing identifying information like patient names or other patient health data before image transfer can often be a hit or miss affair. Ambra turns it into a straightforward and automatic process by removing DICOM tags locally before the time point leaves the sending computer. Security you can trust is built in— Ambra is HIPAA compliant and adheres to standards such as Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Find out how to use cloud image management to focus on outcomes and collaboration.