Patient Aware Network:

Empower Patients & Interconnect Healthcare Providers

It's time for a patient aware network, one that’s focused on empowering patients with control over their own medical records while interconnecting healthcare providers. It's time for Ambra.

why_cloud_bottom_copy_blockA Smart, Interconnected Provider Network for Better Patient Care
Radiology exams save lives every day. Yet, overexposure to radiation from redundant imaging comes with its own health consequences. The Ambra Patient Aware Network incorporates key quality assurance practices into hospitals and imaging facilities. Our medical image management platform allows physicians to not only place the current order, but also search archived imaging for all previous medical imaging associated with that patient across the network. And image enabling the EHR with Ambra allows physicians easy access to patient imaging. The result? Fewer duplicate test orders and less radiation exposure.

"We are able to read outside and international imaging studies quicker and report results to patients faster which helps drive better care delivery across our departments."
– Dr. Christoph Wald, Chair of Radiology, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center.

cd_ingestion_mainEliminate CDs & Empower Patients with Control Over Their Image Data
Secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD. Patients can share their imaging data with you via the Ambra web uploader before they even check-in for their appointment. It improves patient loyalty and satisfaction, speeds turnaround, and elevates provider efficiency. You can even give them the ability to create an account to store their priors and current imaging in a personal health record, saving you from having to burn error-prone CDs.

Establish a holistic patient aware health network.
Image enable your EHR.