Trauma Transfer:

Save Time When Life Hinges on Seconds

Every second matters during trauma transfers. With Ambra, studies arrive before the patient — so the receiving team can assess injuries and mobilize trauma teams faster.

1607-0794_edited[8]Integrate Outside DICOM Data into the Receiving Hospital’s PACS 
New criteria put forth by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), requires Level I and II trauma centers to have a mechanism in place to view radiographic imaging from referring hospitals. The ACS has further clarified that at a minimum trauma Level I and II facilities must have the ability to view and store images. Ambra is the perfect, proven solution to route patient imaging and data to your facility at lightning speeds with direct image transfer through online sharing and image gateways that improve the flow of outside DICOM imaging.


why_cloud_bottom_copy_blockImprove Interoperability Across Facilities
With Ambra’s cloud image management platform, image sharing can be set-up and used quickly and efficiently. Our intuitive, web-based tools make uploading and transferring exams on-demand easier than ever. For high-volume, more frequent image exchange, our powerful gateway facilitates point-to-point connections to transfer from DICOM modalities and PACS, as well as RIS via HL7, all using the cloud.


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