Radiology Practices:

Innovate Your Imaging Stack with Cloud PACS and VNA

Best-in-class image management, automated workflow and easy access drives a stronger referral network and better patient care.

teleradiology_blockImage Upload & Exchange
Imaging centers today are finding that image exchange via VPN, FTP, and CD is draining their efficiency and decreasing their ability to compete with companies that have already transformed their model for image exchange. At Ambra, we make it easy to upload and share images in real time and exchange images with providers seamlessly through automated bi-directional routing. The results: faster turnaround of studies, a reduction of manual effort for you and providers, and a better overall experience for patients.


Rapid transmission of radiological images is essential, especially in telehealth and teleradiology. Ambra powers the telehealth and teleradiology workflow by providing 24/7 access to imaging data and rapid distribution of studies. With one click, imaging centers can instantaneously route patients’ medical images anywhere in the world, extending their service to providers no matter where they are.


cloud_archive_copy_blockCloud Archive
The lifeblood of your organization is images. In our view, there is inherent risk in relying on CDs and on-premise archives that can jeopardize the connection between you and the practices and health systems you serve. Our managed and secure cloud provides archiving and backup automatically—which is no longer just good practice; it’s a federally mandated requirement. Our cloud archive provides instant access to secondary versions of medical images and priors if primary data becomes unavailable. Ambra eliminates risk between you and your customers.

Patient Aware Network
The patient-aware network is here, digitally connecting patients, practices, health systems, and imaging centers. Providers are developing networks to offer care more effectively in a post-Affordable Care Act world. Imaging centers that can rapidly, painlessly, and digitally exchange studies will thrive in this new environment. Ambra enables imaging centers to accept orders and share medical images with physicians anywhere, anytime. Being connected to the network has never been easier.