An Open Platform, For the Good of Patient Care

Connections have never been more important: With hospital mergers and acquisitions increasing, organizations must learn to share.

Image-Enable Your Network

As our healthcare system moves toward interoperability, rapid image sharing and storage becomes a priority. Redundant imaging exams due to lost or missing data pose a risk to the health of patients and raise costs for facilities.

Interoperability Connected NetworkCurrently, many organizations implement a VPN in high-volume image sharing scenarios. A VPN is difficult to install and configure across institutions and firewalls, and operates on a hub-and-spoke model requiring that images be manually uploaded into the system’s PACS. Even within the walls of an organization, facilities frequently lack image-enablement of their EHR, prohibiting the unification of patient records.At Ambra, we believe the future of an interoperable medical imaging landscape lies in the cloud. The cloud allows for the transfer of medical images across the globe.

With a cloud-based image management platform, workflows can automate processes and send imaging directly into surgical suites; secure disaster recovery and business continuity planning are always part of the plan; mobile viewing capabilities come standard; and access to data across vendors, EHR systems, and HIEs become a reality.