Ambra Image-Enables athenaHealth:

Take athenaClinicals® to the Next Level with Ambra

Plug and play integration tightly couples Ambra cloud PACS with athenaClinicals®, making it easy to manage all aspects of your practice seamlessly. Streamline image management between the EHR, onsite PACS, and outside sites.

The patient record, including imaging, should be unified and accessible from one web-based portal. Enter Ambra image management through athenaClinicals. With Ambra, it becomes simple to access images and test results in the cloud, avoiding time wasted faxing and sending records. You can view and interpret results from anywhere at anytime and customize reports and templates to accurately reflect interpreted data.


hospital_health_blockEasy to Deploy Cloud PACS Streamlines Image Exchange
Ambra’s HIPAA compliant cloud-based PACS and image management platform integrated with athenaClinicals can handle all DICOM modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, US, and MG. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM for a holistic view of all patient imaging. In addition, easily share imaging from modalities, web share, portals, and using our intuitive CD uploader. Admissions or check-in staff can upload a patient’s prior medical images from CDs with our easy-to-use one-click CD uploader so studies are available and PHI is synced before the patient is roomed, saving precious time during physician consults.


Remove Error from Modality Worklist
Ambra provides an HL7 interface to automatically populate order information from athena to your modality. This unique functionality saves time and manual error from technician order entries and ensures accurate patient protected health information (PHI) matching.


vna_login_and_viewer-(1)Zero-Footprint Viewer Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access
View imaging anywhere with our zero-footprint viewer and improve productivity further with single-sign on, and embedded imaging in athena. Using Ambra’s browser-based mobile-friendly viewer, physicians can access patient images from any PC, Mac, or tablet, perform measurements, make annotations, compare images, and more.


CareWell Streamlines Patient Journey & Reduces Risk with Ambra
CareWell Urgent Care focused on reimagining their systems in the cloud to support their comprehensive approach to urgent care, which includes on-site labs and x-ray capabilities. Growing from four locations to over fifteen in just four years throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, they selected Ambra to streamline image management, reduce risk, and eliminate barriers between their physicians, radiologists, and patients. Carewell has focused on streamlining every aspect of the patient journey from the registration process using tablets, accelerating the flow of information into athena, and integrating the patient’s study in Ambra. The result has cut rekeying and legacy media from the process and allowed images to be viewed from anywhere.

Create a holistic patient health record. Image enable your athenaClinicals.