CommonWell Health Alliance®:

Ambra Supports Interoperability for the Common Good

CommonWell Health Alliance® is taking action to drive interoperability across healthcare organizations and facilities. Ambra Health is proud to be a member of CommonWell Health Alliance and enable access to patient records across the care continuum.

CommonWell, together with their service providers and members, are creating and executing a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange. They are committed to defining and promoting a national infrastructure with common standards and policies. Ambra Health is proud to be a Contributor Member of CommonWell Health Alliance and partner together for the good of interoperability and better patient care.

CommonWell for Patients

CommonWell believes that health data, regardless of where treatment occurred, should be available at your provider’s fingertips to help provide you with the best care possible. And we believe you should have the right to access your own health data to help take better control of your own health. With CommonWell,  your physicians ranging from a primary care provider, to specialists, to care managers, and more can have access to your health information, helping them all coordinate better on your care. This includes health facilities you may visit while traveling in the US away from your home.

How Does it Work?

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  • Personal Enrollment
    Each individual is registered and identified in network.
  • Patient Identification and Linking
    Link an individual’s medical records across various points of care.
  • Record Location
    Establish a page of contents for the records of each patient.
  • Data Query & Retrieval
    Enable caregivers to search for patient information across the network.


I’m a Provider. Why Should I Join CommonWell?

Without the ability to access all of a person’s health care records, providers struggle to deliver the best care possible. CommonWell leverages member companies’ experience and working together with their clients, has applied advanced technology to solve some of the greatest challenges of interoperability – patient matching, siloed data access and multiple interfaces. Together, we are developing and delivering the barrier-breaking technologies providers need to provide the best possible care for their patients, in turn, improving organizations’ fiscal and clinical outcomes. In addition to helping reform health IT, as a provider with CommonWell you will receive: trusted data access, coordinated patient care, better decision making, and reduced overall costs.

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