drchrono + Ambra Health:

Integrated Cloud Image Management for drchrono

With drchrono EHR and Ambra Health, you have patient’s medical record at your fingertips. With Ambra, access imaging instantly from within the drchrono EHR patient portal.

Cut the Clicks: Image-Enable Your drchrono EHR

Ambra Health Partners with DrChrono

drchrono enables medical providers to be the best they can be by providing a technology platform and medical billing services that streamline the administration and delivery of care and maximize profitability. And, with Ambra’s integration with drchrono, there’s no need for physicians to have to login and navigate to patient information in separate systems to access records and imaging. With a single click, physicians can access relevant patient imaging directly from within the drchrono EHR patient jacket to launch the Ambra Health full-featured medical image viewer. Physicians and administrators can even directly upload patient imaging from the patient record, while ensuring imaging and associated data is automatically linked.
Ambra Health DICOM Viewer embedded in drchrono

Upload and Access Imaging from drchrono Patient Portal

Take your patient experience further and maximize patient exam time by image-enabling your drchrono patient portal. Ambra easily embeds within the portal to provide an intuitive experience for patients to upload or download their images directly. Ambra can even then notify administration or physicians once imaging has been uploaded, and route the imaging as required to fast track the next step in the patient care continuum.

Comprehensive Cloud Image Management

Ambra Health Worklist embedded in drchronoSecure, electronic sharing of images provides a dramatically more streamlined alternative to image distribution via CD, offering significant speed and efficiency benefits to both care providers and patients. Workflow and modality worklists automate image routing and cut rekeying of patient information. Ambra’s cloud storage provides full disaster recovery, industry-leading uptime, and anytime anywhere access to imaging.


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