Epic + Ambra = A Powerful Unified Solution:

Image-Enable Epic with the #1 Cloud Image Management Suite

Image-enable Epic with Ambra's powerful cloud image management platform, for a holistic view of the patient.

EpicAccelerate Inbound Imaging

Consolidating imaging with the EHR eliminates the need to login into two systems and toggle between browsers. A seamless login authenticates users into Ambra and launches a rich, zero-footprint medical image viewer. Physicians and administrators can easily upload patient imaging from the patient jacket in Epic Hyperspace. Imaging and associated data is automatically linked with new orders.

One Login: Patient Jacket + Patient Imaging

View imaging on Ambra’s HTML5 zero-footprint viewer within the patient jacket. The viewer includes a meeting link where a physician can send a link to another physician to join them for a live meeting within the viewer – the ultimate collaboration tool. Actions performed by the host (Move, Scroll, Annotate, Probe, 3D, Window/Level, for example) are synced live with attendees. Data remains in sync with the PHI and eliminates the need to login into two systems, elevating productivity and allowing for enterprise-wide image viewing.

community_hospital_CD_blockDistribute and Share

Secure, electronic sharing of images provides a streamlined alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant speed and efficiency benefits to both care providers and patients.

Power a Referring Physician Portal

Use the Ambra embedded web uploader to quickly upload images within CareLink. The main provider is notified the study was uploaded, automatically. Clinicians are provided with a single workflow enhancing satisfaction and productivity along the way.

rumc 2Epic + Ambra at Rush University

At Rush University Medical Center, a 600+ bed academic medical center in Chicago, Ambra and Epic work together to streamline order process and provide an integrated experience.

First, a study is sent to the Ambra activities worklist. Then an order is created in Radiant. In Ambra, a user opens the modality worklist to query for an order in Radiant. If there is a match, the order is applied to the study and order information is written for the study. Image enabling the EHR at Rush University allows physicians easy access to patient imaging, reducing duplicate test orders and radiation exposure. Together, Epic and Ambra provide access to life-saving information, opportunities to coordinate care, lower costs, and lesser complexity associated with this growing industry.